Annual prizegivings at Spalding High School

Some of the upper school prize winners.
Some of the upper school prize winners.
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Spalding High School students were rewarded for all of their achievements in two annual prizegivings last week.

The prizes awarded related to performances in the previous academic year.

All of the lower school prize winners.

All of the lower school prize winners.

A prize for outstanding academic achievement is awarded usually to one student in each form.

Form tutor prizes are awarded to students who make outstanding progress, the best contribution to form life or shows excellent leadership skills.

Certificates of merit are awarded for a variety of reasons, such as academic achievement, effort, progress, or for contributions to sport, drama, music, form life or school life.

There are also a range of special prizes and sporting team trophies.

As well as rewarding those who excel academically, students who have taken part in sports teams, in concerts and drama or who have consistently supported others in their form or worked to help younger students are also rewarded. Those who have involved themselves in community work and fundraising also receive prizes.

Guest for Upper School prize giving was Joe Burns, head teacher of St Norbert’s Catholic Primary School in Spalding, while guest for the Lower School was PTA chair Jocelyn Kedzlie.

Headmistress Michele Anderson said: “The afternoons of prizegivings are an important and enjoyable celebration of achievement. It is a pleasure to see so many talented and committed young ladies collect their awards, certificates and prizes.”