Academy girls bouncing with joy

Spalding Academy gymnasts
Spalding Academy gymnasts
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A team from Spalding Academy are celebrating after finishing second and claiming three individual victories at a trampoline competition held at Bourne Academy.

The result was impressive as five out of the nine students had only practised for two hours on a trampoline before the competition.

Coach Miss Ringrose said: “We had the most wonderful day, the students’ behaviour was impeccable, they supported each other throughout the competition and for the team to be second was amazing.

“This was an inexperienced team and I am proud of all the students for their effort and sheer determination. I would also like to thank parents and carers for their support.”

Results: Novice – Year 10:

Kinzi Stokes 1st, Sam Stevens 2nd. Novice – Year 9 : Sophie De camps 1st, Nese Van Der Werf 2nd, Jessica Bircham 3rd. Intermediate – Year 7: Libby Mayne 4th.

Advanced – Year 9: Lucy Gent 1st, Lara Portela 2nd, Tash Lawes 4th.