50 new jobs with residential school

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A SECURE residential school for young people could be set up in Crowland.

By altering and extending Wyvern House, formerly known as Paga House, on Hulls Drove, it is hoped to make space for 16 young people and full education and health facilities.

The plans have been put forward to South Holland District Council by Terry McGuire, who has previously said the scheme could be linked to the development of the old Johnson Hospital building in Spalding.

More than 50 full-time jobs would be created by the school, according to papers submitted with the plans.

It also says the “very rural” area means the development will have “minimum impact” on neighbours.

The house was formerly used as a school for young people but has stood empty for some time. It is said to have since suffered considerable weather damage, with damp, rotten windows and walls at risk of collapse.

The design and access statement reads: “The plan and design for the property has been an engrossing ongoing project, and has at all times been in consultation with various bodies.

“Our goal is to provide these young people with a safe, homely and family style environment within an educational facility.

“In addition we are forced to adhere to the recommendations of Ofsted.”

Proposals include private spaces for staff and residents, which will be surrounded by a secure, anti-climb fence. The area will also be monitored by CCTV cameras.

A multi-use playground, separate gardens and special areas for growing vegetables and keeping animals such as chickens, ducks and rabbits are also in the plans.

The extensions are said to be designed to ensure they stay in keeping with the character of the building and surrounding area.

Various different green incentives are also being considered for the site, including solar and geothermal systems.

An electric osmotic systems, which is used in historic buildings such as Windsor Castle, is being put forward as a solution to deal with damp problems.