£220,000 pay-off for Gleed headteacher?

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A teacher at a troubled Spalding school has expressed his disgust after alleging the former headteacher was given a £220,000 pay-off.

Janet Daniels left the school last month before the release of what is expected to be a damning Ofsted report. At the time it was not clear whether she was sacked or resigned.

The teacher, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job, said: “You asked did she go or was she pushed? Well, I can tell you she got a pay-off of £220,000 – that’s two years’ salary for destroying our jobs.

“No-one is going to want to give a teacher from here a job after finding out they’ve come from a school that was put in special measures – which you will find it has been in the next couple of days.

“It was the discipline policy that did it – Mrs Daniels just wouldn’t back us up.

“I put it to the teachers to go for a vote of no confidence, but they were worried about their jobs.

“I sneaked out to make this call I was so angry, but if I say who I am I’ll get the sack.”

Ofsted carried out an unplanned inspection after parent Rebecca Thirkell raised fears about discipline at the school.

Rumours the school had been placed in special measures quickly followed.

Miss Thirkell said: “Mrs Daniels should not receive any kind of pay-off.

“Literally hundreds of students have been let down by her and the school and for the Year 11s who have just left it has been a case of too little too late.

“Instead of giving money to her for any kind of pay-off, it should have been put into the school to directly benefit the students.”

When Mrs Daniels left, deputy headteacher William Scott was made acting headteacher until a permanent appointment was made.

A new chairman of governors, education consultant David Rich, was also appointed.

The teacher who called the Lincolnshire Free Press said: “Mr Scott’s a good man – he’ll do a good job... if he’s allowed to get on with it.”

Parents were this week wishing Mr Scott good luck on the Facebook page Gleed – New Beginnings.

Carol Stevens said: “This new term marks New Beginnings for the whole school. Let’s all endeavour to show Ofsted that the Gleed can be a place we are all proud of.”

Another mum Lesa Jeffery, of Parents of the Gleed, said: “I’ve had meetings with the governors and everyone seems positive about the future.

“If the school is in special measure maybe that is a good thing because the only way you can go from there is up.”

Anna Crispin, CfBT Schools Trust director, said: “CfBT Schools Trust can confirm that information received by the Spalding Guardian is wholly inaccurate. However we cannot comment any further on the matter.

“Sir John Gleed School has a professional and dedicated teaching staff. CfBT Schools Trust intends to work closely with the acting headteacher and chair of governors to ensure that any improvements made as a result of the published Ofsted report are made in the interests of the whole school community including the teaching staff in order to raise standards and outcomes for all.”