Easy ways to get your papers for just 41p!

Tallulah Jackson is a Free Press and Guardian fan!
Tallulah Jackson is a Free Press and Guardian fan!
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At six months old little Tallulah Jackson is already a fan of the Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian.

And she has reason to celebrate – readers can save money on their Free Press and Guardian with our great subscription offers.

Sign up before November 10 and get your copies for just 41p each every week.

When you subscribe, we will send out a set of vouchers that can be used at local retailers for a huge saving.

Visit www.subscrip tionline.co.uk and select Lincolnshire Free Press or Spalding Guardian from the drop-down list.

You will then be asked to enter an exclusive code – LFPOP0014 for the Free Press and SPGOP0015 for the Guardian.

If you don’t have a computer pop into our offices in The Crescent, Spalding and we’ll do it for you.

Or you can call 0844 9916464, again quoting the offer code.

And if you prefer the personal touch to the computer or telephone, again come to our Crescent offices in Spalding and our helpful receptionists will subscribe for you while you wait.

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