Dumped kittens need new homes

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A CAT rescue shelter is looking for new homes for a litter of kittens dumped beside a road.

The four tiny black and white kittens were only about seven weeks old and barely old enough to be away from their mother when they were discovered by a man walking his dog in Foxes Lowe Road, Holbeach, and taken to Moulton Chapel Cat Shelter.

There they have joined more than 15 other kittens currently looking for loving owners to take them in, as well as many more older cats.

Shelter owner Monica Lees said: “It is so sad to see so many kittens looking for a new home.

“This litter was just left beside the road and only discovered when a man’s dog took an interest in a cardboard box and he went to see what it was and heard the cats crying.

“We have already got homes for one or two, but we still have plenty of kittens looking for homes.

“The older cats are often harder to place, but there’s a lot to be said for thinking of taking on an older cat as what you see, temperament-wise, is what you get.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about rehoming a cat or kitten from Moulton Chapel Cat Shelter can call Mrs Lees on 1406 380520.