Drivers getting stuck in ‘bog’ on town road

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Motorists are hitting a sticky patch on a stretch of road in Spalding recently replaced by one of the town’s busiest bypasses.

Cowbit resident Edd Mitchell claims that in the last three weeks, cars, lorries and even an ambulance had been stuck in a “bog” on a 100m stretch of the old B1173 Cowbit Road, near the A16 bypass.

Mr Mitchell (25), of Russell Drive, Cowbit, believes motorists are either unaware the road is closed or choosing to ignore signs warning them not to drive along it.

He said: “I commute to Spalding every day by bike and on my route, I cross a patch of grass and dirt that used to be the old Cowbit Road that is only about 100m in length.

“On more than ten occasions, I’ve seen cars and vans stuck after driving down that stretch of road, only to be met with what can best be described as a bog.

“The first couple of times I saw it, I thought it was funny and wondered how drivers could do that when there are signs to warn people that it’s a dead end and that the road is blocked off.

“But last week I saw another four cars stuck there, as well as a HGV and an ambulance.”

Mr Mitchell said county highways officials should put new signs up warning motorists that the road is closed before more vehicles get stuck because of the wet weather.

He added: “At the moment, motorists aren’t reading the signs saying the road is closed and it seems to me more stupidity than anything else to drive down there, only to get stuck.

“I think the problem could be solved with two new signs next to the road, one saying ‘Dead End Ahead’ and also a ‘Stop’ sign before the grass.”

A Lincolnshire County Council highways spokesman said: “This stretch of road has been closed ever since the new A16 road to Peterborough opened in October 2010.

“There are warning signs at either end of the road to try and deter anyone from attempting to drive on it.”