Driver reversed straight into Sutton Bridge man

Paul Reed at the scene of the accident
Paul Reed at the scene of the accident
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A Sutton Bridge man says he is still haunted by the sound of squealing tyres moments before a car reversed towards him, catapulting him to the other side of the road.

Paul Reed says he is still suffering from the incident more than a month ago – made worse because “police have been unable to track down the driver”.

Mr Reed (46), of Chestnut Terrace, said he was in his parked car along a notorious visibility blackspot in Bridge Road and edged out, with the oncoming vehicle “miles away”.

He said the driver slowed down ‘to stop beside me and give me some verbal’.

“He was still giving me some 50 yards down the road, so I got out of the car to see what his problem was,” he said. “Then I heard his wheels squealing and he reversed back at me. When he hit me I bounced into the path of the oncoming lane.

“A Transit van stopped and the driver’s missus got out to help me. Someone gave me a rag for the blood and asked if I wanted an ambulance. But all I wanted was to get to a nearby shop and check the CCTV.”

Mr Reed said he was shocked by the accident and badly bruised, but didn’t contact the police until the following day because he wanted to speak to the driver himself.

He said: “The police later told me they had managed to get the registration number on a camera but hadn’t been able to find the car.”

This week Mr Reed, a lorry driver, said he was still suffering from the effects of the incident.

He said: “My hip bone hurt really badly afterwards. People tell me I walk funny and I think this is why. I really don’t think that driver should get away with it.”

A spokesman for the police confirmed the incident is still an active investigation with ongoing enquiries.

Mr Reed says the car that hit him is believed to be a silver Nissan Almera.

The incident took place at 5.55pm on Saturday, September 26. The driver was described as in his late 20s, of medium build, with pale skin and blond hair. He had a female passenger about the same age, of slim build with dark shoulder-length hair.

Anyone with any information should call the police on 101.