Driver boycotts new £80m road after another near miss

David Hoyle, whose wife Sarah has vowed to boycott the controversial A16 after nearly being hit by other cars twice in a matter of days.
David Hoyle, whose wife Sarah has vowed to boycott the controversial A16 after nearly being hit by other cars twice in a matter of days.
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A TERRIFIED motorist, who was left in tears after her second “near miss” in a few days on the new A16, has vowed to boycott the road.

Sarah Hoyle (29) was forced to swerve yesterday morning when she came face-to-face with an overtaking car on her way to work in Peterborough – the latest in a long list of lucky escapes on the £80million road which was built because of safety fears on the accident-ridden A1073.

She is now going to take the longer route via Market Deeping – saying she has more chance of getting to work “in one piece”.

Mrs Hoyle, of Finlay Close, Spalding, had just come off the Crowland roundabout when she was forced to mount the grass verge to avoid the other car which she estimates was travelling at about 80mph.

Last Tuesday she narrowly avoided another accident when she pulled out to overtake a lorry and the car behind her attempted to overtake them both.

Mrs Hoyle’s husband Dave (53), who has also had several close calls on the road, says safety measures are a must.

He said: “There are statistics available for accidents and fatal collisions, but there are no figures for the hundreds of near misses that are happening there every week.

“On several occasions I have found myself facing a car heading straight for me as the driver tries to overtake a line of traffic and I have had to stop to avoid being hit.”

Mr Hoyle feels the road has been badly designed as there are no “crawler lanes” to give people the chance to overtake vehicles that are moving more slowly.

He added: “The issue is not one of speed nor a case of driver education.

“The issue is the speed differentials that occur when long convoys of cars are having to follow HGVs limited to 40mph. It’s the frustration that builds up in this situation that causes drivers to attempt unsafe passing manoeuvres.”

Mr Hoyle thinks crawler lanes would be ideal to cut the frustration for drivers.

He added: “Failing that, maybe two blokes with a tin of white paint could put some double white lines up the middle of the road?

“There also needs to be some obvious speed traps to act as a deterrent and appropriate signage.”

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership says it is aware of people driving at “ridiculously high speeds” along the new road and it will be looking at carrying out covert surveys in the future to assess the situation.

Communications manager John Siddle said: “People often go at 70mph in a national speed limit, but they are going at speeds of 80mph plus along there. It’s totally inappropriate and the police are carrying out extra patrols and dealing with those people who are clearly breaking the speed limit.”