Drink-drive school railings crash sparks safety fears at Gosberton Clough

School railings were uprooted when a drink-driver ploughed into them. SG160617-113TW
School railings were uprooted when a drink-driver ploughed into them. SG160617-113TW
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A newly banned and second time drink-driver was more than twice the limit when her car ploughed into school railings, uprooting them from concrete.

The crash at Gosberton Clough and Risegate School sparked alarm among parents, although it happened in the early hours of the morning.

One dad told us: “When you look at what the car did to the railings, you can see that anyone standing there would have been killed.”

Police Insp Gareth Boxall revealed an off duty police officer arrested Katie Croker at the scene at 2.35am on Sunday, June 4.

Croker (42), of Ash Court, Donington, was handed a three-year ban by Lincoln magistrates the following day. She was also given a community order with a requirement to attend a drink impaired driver’s course for 14 days.

She pleaded guilty to driving with 78 microgrammes of alcohol in breath - more than double the legal limit of 35mcgs - and admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance.

Only 22 days earlier Croker was given a 14-month driving ban by Boston magistrates for a drink-drive offence at Quadring.

The school stands on the corner of Chopdike Drove and Clough Road.

Children enter the site via Chopdike Drove while teachers arriving by car use the Clough Road entrance.

Croker’s black Mini scraped railings on one side of the staff car park and uprooted them on the other, leaving ironwork in a mangled, twisted mess.

Head teacher Beverley Rooney was informed soon after the accident and was relieved to hear no one was hurt.

Railings were flattened on one side of the entrance.

Mrs Rooney said: “We just had to move everything out of the way.”

• The crash highlighted a second big danger for the school with drivers flouting the 30mph limit on Clough Road – and speeding around a blind bend only yards from the staff entrance.

Mrs Rooney said staff coming out of the car park cannot see far enough to the right to be able to judge if it’s safe.

She said: “We can’t see ... we have to wind down our car windows to listen for traffic.”

She said the school hasn’t been allowed to put a mirror opposite the entrance to boost visibility.

County councillor Rodney Grocock, who sits on the highways committee, has promised to visit the school to see the problems for himself.

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