Dream for play area may become reality

Moulton Park, Moulton'15/02/12
Moulton Park, Moulton'15/02/12
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MOULTON could be a step closer to getting a long-awaited and hard fought for play area.

A public meeting will be held in the village on Tuesday outlining plans to build on privately-owned Moulton Park.

But the owner has indicated that part of the plans include providing a public play area.

Rumours have surrounded local businessman Howard King’s plans for the site which he owns – with some fearing up to 350 homes could be on the cards.

So Mr King has decided to go public and hold the meeting to allay fears.

He is hoping to get residents’ feedback on what he hopes will be a single “grand” house on the park, which he could then choose to live in with his family.

The meeting will be held at the Rainbow Room, Moulton Community Centre from 5.45pm to 7.45pm.

Adrian Brotherton, speaking on Mr King’s behalf, said: “We are hoping this will come as a nice surprise for those people who were expecting a huge housing development.

“We just want to give residents in Moulton the chance to have their say and give us some feedback on the plans.”

But one Moulton resident believes people could still object because of the “sensitivity” surrounding building on green space.

Former parish councillor Ted Malkin, who worked hard to secure a play area for the village, said: “I would welcome anything that brings a play area to the village but there is lots of sensitivity around development on the park.

“I know that Mr King had approached the parish council with plans for a grand home tucked into one corner in the past.

“If it is the same one I would not have an issue with it, but I am sure some people will have.

“People are quite touchy about it, but I don’t really understand why because apart from a glimpse people can’t enjoy it – it’s just a big green area on the edge of the village that no-one has access to.

“Mr King owns the land so why shouldn’t he build himself a nice house? And if that means we get a play area, that would be great.”