Down on the Spalding allotment

Watching the bunnies grow.
Watching the bunnies grow.
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A monthly column by mixed media artist and allotment keeper Carol Parker.

I know I’m very predictable and that my allotment deserves more diligence, but I’m just no good in the cold and wet so the first sign of sun and I’m ready to dig.

Three visits and I seem to have got control. I’ve unearthed the edges of my veg plots and eradicated all the weeds – nearly.

This year I’d promised myself a mower as I have a lot of grass to keep trim and my strimmer is in the naughty corner…

I was away with the fairies, hypnotised by the muffled whirring of the magical nylon autofeed spool line, and protected by my full face safety mask with visor screen and ear defenders (just in case H&S are reading this), when something very un-grasslike came into view.

I put down my mean machine and bent down to take a closer look. It was… a baby bunny, the size of my palm, ears just little points, and huge beady eyes.

Once I was sure I hadn’t done any damage and had a quick cuddle, I placed him safely back where I’d found him, with his friend who’d suddenly hopped out to greet him!

No more strimming for me; this was to be a bunny safe zone for the next couple of weeks.

So, on to the growing: a bit early for planting my favourite crops yet, but I did put in a few ‘tough as old boots’ broad bean plants and Lollo Rosso lettuce. I’ve added to my herb bed and the woad plants (heritage Lincolnshire dye plant) are pushing up flower heads ready for seed to be collected in the autumn.

Because my own garden and an allotment isn’t enough, I’ve also been visiting the community gardens at Ayscoughfee Hall Musuem and I’m helping to clear the wilderness garden of ground elder. I love Ayscoughfee gardens and have been a regular visitor since my children were small so I wanted to give something back for all that pleasure.

I’ve been busy with the arts too. An Arts Council funded project has just finished and another application is going in soon. I’m delivering art for early stage dementia sessions in Bourne and Spalding and coordinating an artist networking project through social media ‘From Lincolnshire and Back’. Details on these on my blog