Door-knocking campaign to save Sir Halley Stewart Field

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A SELF-STYLED community campaigner has launched a petition to save Spalding’s Sir Halley Stewart Field.

Adam McVeigh (pictured right) has started the Fields, Not Tarmac campaign as a pre-emptive strike against developers’ proposals to build on the town centre field which is currently home to Spalding United.

Mr McVeigh, of Algers Walk, Spalding, and a small group of like-minded friends are planning to start door-knocking residents next week to ask if they wish to sign the petition.

They intend to start with those who live closest to the town centre and radiate outwards, gathering as many names as they can to present to the district council before Corbo submits formal plans for its Holland Market redevelopment.

Mr McVeigh said: “The Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field is one of the very few green spaces within the town centre and it was bequeathed to the people of Spalding.

“The idea of the petition is to give a voice to those people who don’t believe it should be built on.

“We are not going out to preach to people or try to convert them to our view, so if it turns out that the majority of people don’t mind the field being built on then so be it.

“But the council needs to make an informed decision about any plan to build on there and it is not going to be able to do that if people are not asked their opinion.”

Mr McVeigh believes any green space provided by Corbo to replace the Sir Halley Stewart Field is likely to be further out of the town centre and less accessible to many people.

And it is for that reason and the historical background of the Sir Halley Stewart Field, that Mr McVeigh has decided to launch his battle.

He said: “I live on Wygate Park and we did have several open spaces but they are starting to be swallowed up by Lego housing

“Spalding people have to appreciate that we are losing these green spaces too quickly and with the history of Sir Halley Stewart giving his name to that field I feel it is part of the town’s heritage.

“That field has been there a long time and has been bequeathed to the people so it should be the people of Spalding that take the decision about its future.

“No-one else has put themselves forward to do this and its important if the council is to make an informed decision.”

Photo: (NIKKI GRIFFIN) SG090312-240NG