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Donington shopkeepers are "killing their own trade"

The Matthew Flinders statue in Donington Market Place. SG151012-239TW (1931900)
The Matthew Flinders statue in Donington Market Place. SG151012-239TW (1931900)

Donington shopkeepers are again being warned to stop hogging parking bays in Market Place.

The parish council has already written to traders, asking them to keep the bays free for shoppers, but a member of the public – Peter Fleming – raised the issue in the council’s public forum.

Mr Fleming said: “They are killing their own trade, they are killing trade in the village.”

He was also concerned about cars parking too close to the nearby High Street zebra crossing and asked for action.

Mr Fleming said: “Are we going to wait until there’s a major road accident?”

Coun Phil Lovell said the main problem with Market Place parking is that there are no enforceable penalties, while Coun Roger Marshall said the only way to stop it would be to “hit people in the pockets”.

Newly elected parish councillor Lizzie Almond said she is passionate about the issue of parking in the village, and offered to come up with various options to solve the problems and bring those back to a future meeting.

She said: “Rather than say ‘something needs to be done’ I would rather come up with an action plan. That’s something I promised to Donington and I would like to fulfil on that one.”

Coun Mark Rollinson said the council could ask local businesses to “police” the car park.

He said: “There’s a fine line between the lady spending three hours in the hairdressers once a week and the persistent offenders who are parking there all day every day. I suspect we will just move the problem – we will move it out of Market Place onto High Street.”

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