Donington pupils join worldwide education drive

John Hayes visits Thomas Cowley High School
John Hayes visits Thomas Cowley High School
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Year 7 students at Thomas Cowley High School in Donington have met with local MP John Hayes to lobby him about their support for the worldwide ‘Send My Friend To School’ campaign.

The youngsters have joined the movement, aimed at getting proper classroom education for all the world’s children.

They were inspired by Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai, who addressed the United Nations after being shot in her home country for being an educational activist.

Tragically the Taliban banned all girls from going to school in her country.

The Year 7 students have been working on a book called ‘I am Malala’ which tells the story of her struggle.

The Send My Friend to school campaign is in its milestone year, because in the year 2000 world leaders promised that by 2015 all children would be able to go to primary school.

Unfortunately this hasn’t happened and there are still 58 million children who don’t go to school. Around 63 per cent of those children are girls.

The UN will meet again in September to make decisions about the future and the campaign is urging them not to forget their promise.

The Thomas Cowley students wrote messages for Mr Hayes to take to prime minister David Cameron. They also 
wrote and made speeches to Mr Hayes, explaining why they think it is important that 
every child around the world gets the opportunity to go to school like they do.

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