Donington Parish Council backs couple in Viking Link power plant battle

Lizie Almond with her petition to change the converter station plans. SG260917-215TW
Lizie Almond with her petition to change the converter station plans. SG260917-215TW
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Donington Parish Council is backing a couple’s fight to stop a 24-metre high power plant bringing an industrial look to Northorpe Farm, in Ing Drove.

Lizzie Almond and partner Chris Wray will live just 250 metres away from the converter station to be built by National Grid Viking Link Ltd.

The company is compulsorily purchasing 80 acres from Wray Farms and the building will cover about ten acres.

But the project still needs planning consent from South Holland District Council.

Lizzie told Donington Parish Council: “If they want to put it there, that’s where it’s going.”

She said two things could be changed – the proposed blue and white colour scheme for the converter building and a proposal for a post and wire fence.

Lizzie said everyone she’s spoken to favours a barn style building, which would be more in keeping with the countryside, and the only reason the application shows it in blue and white is because that’s the option favoured by South Holland District Council.

She said the fence would cut the farm in two, stopping wildlife from roaming freely.

Lizzie said: “The other night I witnessed four deer having a run around, as happy as Larry, and they could not be doing that if there was a fence there.”

Coun Mark Rollinson suggested the parish council should call for a temporary fence, one that has to be taken down after construction.

Chairman Coun Arthur Baldwin said: “I agree. I think we have got to support Lizzie. She’s made some valid points.”

• Lizzie has a paper petition to change the plans, which deadlines on October 14. Her e-petition can be found on Facebook under Donington Community Action Group and that deadlines on October 30.

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