Donington in Bloom team to retire

Bloom team Gill Lunn, Liz Reynolds, Liz Walker and  Pam Huggett reflect on past glory. SG110817-123TW
Bloom team Gill Lunn, Liz Reynolds, Liz Walker and Pam Huggett reflect on past glory. SG110817-123TW
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Volunteers will hang up their trowels for the last time following a decision to retire from growing flowers and hanging baskets in Donington.

Donington in Bloom has been raising money, gardening, and making the village a more 
attractive place to be since 2009.

Eight years later there are only four helpers left, all in their 70s, who are finding it difficult to bear the load of compost any longer.

Liz Walker has been volunteering with the group since it began, and is ‘disappointed’ no one has stepped forward to take over.

She said: “People say how lovely the village looks. If you know Donington you will know it looks absolutely 
stunning. But there’s a limit. We’re all in our 70s and there’s only four of us.

“I honestly don’t think 
people have realised that we are a voluntary group. I think some think it just appears.

“Others believe the council do it all. I think it will be wonderful to get the word out that everything will be set up for them and there is nothing to worry about.

“They won’t have to fundraise for a year because there’s plenty of money for them so they can find their feet easily. We currently have around £2,500 to buy seeds, and anything else they need.”

After years of time and energy spent filling troughs, hanging baskets and planters with compost, planting flowers, and watering them every day, the group are retiring.

The effort of carrying compost and pouring it into containers has become too much for certain members and ‘new blood’ is needed.

Liz continued: “The person who does the planting with me had a fall and a shoulder replacement and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to lift compost.

“We’re just exhausted at the end of every day from planting. Jill has had two hip replacements. She also works in her hairdressing business.

“Liz has had a bad knee and works full-time in Nationwide. It’s been very hard work. We all said we felt the time was right for us to retire.”

A greenhouse, containers, compost seeds, and other equipment is all available for use of any green-fingered volunteers.

If you are interested in taking over Donington in Bloom call Liz on 01775 822404.