Donington councillors in call for pothole repairs on A52

Pothole under repair.
Pothole under repair.
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Donington parish councillors are calling on county highways to fix potholes on main roads like the A52.

Coun Jane Stanley asked county councillor Rodney Grocock why the authority focused “on all these little roads that don’t need doing” while ignoring A roads.

Council colleague Phil Lovell said: “The A52 at Swaton crossroads has been like a lunar landscape for about three years.”

He had reported potholes to the county council on numerous occasions, saying they were patched up but the repairs didn’t last.

Coun Grocock suggested repairs to the A52 might be included in a future plan, promising to find out and report back.

Commenting on “roads that don’t need doing”, he suspected the people living along those roads would give a good argument as to why they should be done.

Coun Grocock said many of the smaller roads hadn’t been repaired for a long time and were being tackled on an area basis.

He said A and B roads are classed as 1 and 2, telling members: “We have got some of the best 1 and 2 roads in the country, I am afraid that’s absolutely true.”

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