Donington: A tale of flooded roads and fly tipping

Fly tipping on South Drove. (Photo: Roger Marshall)
Fly tipping on South Drove. (Photo: Roger Marshall)
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Roads around Donington inches deep in floodwater were compared to Olympic swimming pools at Thursday’s parish council meeting.

Coun Roger Marshall showed photographs of flooding on South Drove and Quadring Bank as well Siltside at Risegate to highlight his concern about water being trapped on the road surface – creating potholes – because there’s no drainage.

Flooding along South Drove. (Photo: Roger Marshall).

Flooding along South Drove. (Photo: Roger Marshall).

At last month’s meeting, Coun Marshall said grips (drainage channels) used to be cut in the verges so floodwater could drain away but that’s no longer done and the verges are much higher than the road surface.

Holding a picture aloft, he told councillors: “That road was awash from one end to the other for about a mile long.”

Coun Phil Lovell said the verges must be lowered and levelled off otherwise flooding will continue.

Coun Marshall also showed a picture of fly tipped waste on a South Drove verge, including tyres and a mattress, and said he had reported it to South Holland District Council (SHDC), whose collection service is “excellent”.

Council chairman Arthur Baldwin expressed dismay at people driving into the countryside to dump their rubbish when they could just as easily drive to the council tip and leave it for nothing.

County and district councillor Rodney Grocock said SHDC takes fly tipping extremely seriously and if it has a vehicle registration number for offenders “we will crush the car”.

Parish councillors have been voicing concerns about potholes, particularly along the A52 between Swaton and Donington.

Coun Grocock reported the county council had filled potholes along the A52 – including 600 at Swaton crossroads – and the road will be surface dressed to stop them reappearing. But he pointed out that Lincolnshire receives £116million less funding than the average county and the council is doing its utmost while working within “an extremely low budget”.

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