Don’t be a victim of ‘frost-jacking’

Icy windscreen
Icy windscreen
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As freezing temperatures continue to sweep across the area, police are urging South Holland residents to stay in their cars while they defrost.

Leaving a car running unattended while it defrosts is against the law and your car can easily be ‘frost-jacked’ if the keys are in it with the engine running.

The warning comes following the theft of a Ford S-Max from a driveway on Wednesday as it was left insecure and running while ice cleared.

Inspector Gary Stewart says: “Leaving your car running in the morning to save you time while you finish that cup of coffee or get your kids ready for school might seem harmless but it is against the law.

“If you are not inside your vechicle, you are not in control of it and your car also becomes an easy target for thieves to ‘frost-jack’ it. If you have left your car running for someone to steal it, insurance companies may be reluctant to pay out.

“If you need to defrost your car please allow extra time in the morning to stay inside the vehicle.”