Domestic abuse recovery workshop in Spalding

Domestic abuse
Domestic abuse
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A workshop is being held in Spalding for people in Lincolnshire who want to start afresh having experienced domestic abuse in the past.

The ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ event aims to help people deal with feelings of low self-esteem and move on from being labelled a ‘victim’. It is being facilitated by local motivational speaker Taz Thornton who can speak from personal experience about learning to look forward to the future following abuse.

Karen Shooter, county domestic abuse manager, said: “Leaving an abusive relationship can be incredibly difficult, but when people do leave, they are often left with negative feelings about themselves. It’s important that they are then supported to overcome this so they can feel safe and happy again.”

The free event takes place on Wednesday, September 21 at Tonic Health, 6 Broadgate House, Westlode Street, Spalding.

If you are interested in more information or wish to book a place on this workshop then email your name and contact details to

Go to the ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ web page for more information: