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Former Spalding student is appearing in new HBO drama The Nevers

A former Spalding student turned actress is appearing in a brand new television show which is airing on both sides of the pond.

Domenique Fragale, who studied at Spalding High School, is part of a stellar cast starring in new HBO drama The Nevers, which is already a hit in America.

Domenique, whose character makes her first appearance in episode four, was thrilled to be approached by casting giant Nina Gold, who has worked on Game of Thrones, Star Wars and The Crown, in 2019.

Domenique Fragale stars in The Nevers. Photo: Keith Bernstein/HBO. (46380849)
Domenique Fragale stars in The Nevers. Photo: Keith Bernstein/HBO. (46380849)

She said: “I got a call one day from my agent who said that Nina Gold’s office wanted to see me and I couldn’t believe it!

“She is so respected and has cast shows such as Game of Thrones so I was just amazed.It was all very secretive because of the size of the production and I was honestly very nervous.

“They wanted me to read as an Italian and they wanted it to be as authentic as possible - as my dad is Italian and I am fluent I was able to read the script.

“They had been looking since the June but they couldn’t find the right person - they saw me in the November, then two further times and then they offered me the role!”

The Nevers is set in Victorian London which, in 1896, is rocked to its foundations by a supernatural event which gives certain people - mostly women - abnormal abilities, from the wondrous to the disturbing.

Domenique was cast alongside the likes of James Norton, Laura Donelly and Ann Skelly, as Beth Cassini, an Italian immigrant who moved to London for a better life. However her superpower mixed with her background leads to a difficult life.

Domenique said: “Her family have kicked her out, she is all alone and she keeps herself to herself.

“She’s given this superpower - she can levitate - and she doesn’t know if she really wants it or for people to see it so she keeps it a secret. She’s in this position where society doesn’t really want her as she’s an immigrant and she has the superpower too.

“Beth really goes on a journey to find people who are like her, to make her feel less understood and less alone. My grandparents were immigrants who went through difficult experiences so playing this part has made me appreciate them and what they went through even more.

“There aren’t many people who are able to play a character with life experiences which are so similar to those of their own relatives.”

Due to Domenique’s character’s superpower, the young actress took on the challenge of filming scenes which included special effects and green screens.

She was also able to act in scenes, which were filmed both pre Covid-19 and during the pandemic, with one of her favourite actors, Denis O’Hare.

She said: “Denis is phenomenal. He is such a great actor with so many credits under his belt, but he is also such a kind person.

“I actually saw him and Olivia Williams (who also stars in the show) in a play in 2019 and I had thought how amazing it would be to work with such talented actors. A few months later I got the call about The Nevers! Then when I found that most of my scenes would be with him I couldn’t believe it.”

But how does it feel to have a role in a television show which has been created by Joss Whedon who created iconic programmes such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Domenique said: “It has been a very special experience and it’s an exceptional thing to be a part of.” The Nevers will air on Sky Atlantic on May 17.

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