Dognapping fear after frantic search for pet found on A17

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A treasured Japanese Akita is back home in Gedney after an agonising five days when its owner feared the valuable dog had been stolen.

Gavin White posted an alert on the South Holland District Council dog warden website on Monday, November 4, when he failed to find the six-year-old which had been missing since the previous day.

He said: “We were frantic with worry and just couldn’t work out how he had escaped because there is a five foot fence around the property.

“He doesn’t stray, even into some parts of our garden, and he’s an old boy so I can’t imagine he jumped the fence.

“But then he mysteriously turned up at an A17 cafe and would have had to cross the busy road to get there. It’s a miracle he wasn’t killed.

“Someone took him to a vets in Boston and that’s how I found him when I widened my search. “Since getting him back we won’t let him out of our sight and we’ve put more survelance cameras in the garden.

“We’ll never know what happened but you can’t help wondering if someone stole him and then let him go when they realised he was old and not so valuable.”

Gavin’s story comes following a national warning that dogs are being stolen to be sold on the internet.

When the Spalding Guardian asked Facebook readers if they had seen a rise in dogs going missing, there was an interesting post regarding Japanese Akita dogs.

Gemma Elsam said: “Something I discovered today was a bright orange shoe lace tied around a lamp post. I hadn’t seen it earlier when I passed the post, but it happened to be tied outside somebody’s house who has two Japanese Akita dogs.

“I didn’t want to concern the owner but the lace was clean - no mud at all and on a day like today I would expect some marking on it from the floor.

“I didn’t touch the lace but I did knock on the door of the person who’s house it was, just to warn them. I just told him to cut it off. It does make you think.”