Dog owners urged to ‘Bag it Bin it’

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Irresponsible dog owners are being reminded to ‘Bag it Bin it’ as part of a new campaign launched by South Holland District Council.

The authority’s dog warden Rachel Thompson has been provided with stencil signs and spray cans and will be spraying temporary brightly-coloured ‘Bag it Bin it’ logos on paths in areas across the district that have received high reports of dog fouling. This is in addition to her normal patrols.

Coun Anthony Casson, dog warden Rachel Thompson and her dog Trafford at the launch of Bag It Bin It.

Coun Anthony Casson, dog warden Rachel Thompson and her dog Trafford at the launch of Bag It Bin It.

The initial focus will be on paths and passageways near schools and other community areas.

The campaign is being promoted through new signs and stickers, helping to raise awareness of the importance of bagging dog poo and putting it in bins.

Coun Anthony Casson, the council’s portfolio holder for public protection, said: “The issue of dog fouling in the district concerns residents and is something we are looking to tackle.

“‘Bag it Bin it’ is all about raising awareness of the need for dog owners to act responsibly and properly dispose of their pet’s mess.

“The message sprayed on pavements looks striking and shows we are taking action. We hope that together with the signs and stickers it will persuade irresponsible dog owners to change their habits.

“Similar schemes have worked in other areas, with councils finding that sprayed messages on pavements shames irresponsible owners and leads to a reduction in fouling.”

South Holland District Council would like to remind residents that anyone who does not clear up their dog’s mess may be committing an offence under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and can be liable to a maximum penalty of £1,000.

Dog owners are advised to take plastic bags with them on walks and dispose of them in any red dog bin or refuse bin.

Residents can also report dog fouling in the district online at or by calling 01775 761761.