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Is your dog destroying the house when you leave? Then they might have separation anxiety.

This can be a common problem and is something that needs time and patience to address.

One way that you can help your dogs is to switch up your leaving the house routine. Try leaving through the back door if you usually leave through the front.

Putting your coat and shoes on can be a trigger, so if it’s possible wait until you have left them to do that. Kongs are also a great way to leave your dog distracted while you are away. Fill it full of treats, their usual food or something that will take a lot of time to empty like peanut butter.

You can also freeze it, which will take them even longer to empty it.

It will keep their mind occupied while also associating you leaving with something positive.

Finally, you could try leaving the radio on, the sound of talking and music can often be a comfort for the dogs. We always leave a radio on for our dogs in the kennels here, it really helps!

We run a variety of training classes and 1-2-1s at Jerry Green Dog Rescue. If you would like to find out more about positive training techniques, call our centre trainer Therena on 01205 260546.


Dolly is a very sweet 11 year old crossbreed lady with the enthusiasm of a young pup.

She just loves everyone she meets. She loves having cuddles and fusses and enjoys going out on long walks.

Even though she may be in her golden years, Dolly is still very active and would love a home that is going to do lots with her, both physically and mentally. 
Dolly has been around dogs of various sizes and ages previously, she loves to have a run around with them but is also happy to just potter around. She could live with other dogs pending introductions at the centre. 
As Dolly is an older girl, she would benefit from a home with no smaller children. She could live with older dog-savvy children. Dolly is such a special lady, but please do not be fooled by her age, there’s a lot of life and love left in the old gal!

If you think Dolly could be the one for you, call the Algarkirk team to arrange a visit on 01205 260546