District council: two top posts filled

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COUNCIL leaders hailed the appointment of two top chiefs to their new management structure – and say they will help deliver “innovative” changes.

In Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press we revealed that South Holland District Council and Breckland District Council have filled the top two posts in their new streamlined joint management team.

Both new officers previously worked at Breckland District Council and will work under ex-South Holland District Council chief executive Terry Huggins.

According to the proposed management structure released before the merger was agreed Mark Stokes will net £121,760 a year, including “oncosts and travel”, in his role as deputy chief executive officer.

Mark has worked at Breckland for more than 25 years, joining as a clerk in 1985 and working his way up to deputy chief executive.

Maxine O’Mahony is set to earn £99,180 as director of commissioning, having previously been director of corporate resources at Breckland.

Breckland leader William Nunn said: “We have appointed an experienced team of exceptional individuals who have demonstrated the ability to lead the field by embracing new ways of working.

“Breckland and South Holland Councils are one of the first to share a senior management team between two non-neighbouring authorities.

“It is a bold and innovative step which will save in the region of £300,000 so we can secure the future of the services we provide for our residents.”

South Holland leader Gary Porter added: “Both of our councils have made a commitment to continue to deliver high quality customer focused frontline services whilst at the same time actively working to drive out considerable cost savings.

“This is the next stage in assembling a team of managers who will help deliver our vision of innovative new ways of working across a series of re-designed services.”

The pair will form the appointment panel for the assistant director and service manager jobs, which should be decided by the end of the month.

There should be three assistant directors, each earning £80,180 including costs and travel. Service managers will get £61,719 per year.

The final structure will see 37 officers cut to 19.