District council to take over Spalding grass cutting

South Holland District Council's portfolio holder for finance Coun Peter Coupland
South Holland District Council's portfolio holder for finance Coun Peter Coupland
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Roadside grass cutting will be carried out in Spalding by South Holland District Council after councillors agreed to fund the move, following a decision by Lincolnshire County Council to reduce the number of cuts it provides.

The Spalding Town Forum asked that South Holland District Council’s portfolio holder for finance Coun Peter Coupland use funds from the authority’s Spalding Special Expenses contingency account to maintain Spalding’s roadside verges.

Coun Coupland said: “We understand why other councils have made cutbacks to this service because authorities up and down the country are under pressure to make savings. But at the same time, we are fully aware of residents’ concerns over a lack of grass cutting and wanted to act.

“I have recommended that funds from the Spalding Special Expenses account are used to fund seven cuts in Spalding this season. We will continue to review the situation, but I am confident that this decision will have a positive effect on the town’s appearance and help to allay any health and safety concerns.”

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones, portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “The cuts will get under way after the county council has carried out a safety cut in July and I look forward to seeing the end result.”

Coun Jack McLean, chairman of the Spalding Town Forum, said: “We are pleased to be able to return a valued and expected service to the town. While there are still discussions to be had in future, we are relieved that we can act immediately to restore this important service for the people of Spalding.”

Meanwhile, South Holland District Council continue to discuss with parish councils in the district on arrangements over grass cutting on their behalf.