Disabled man stranded for five hours

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Is this a sensor that could disable a vehicle in the Sainsbury’s carpark?

That is the question being asked after an 81-year-old disabled man with diabetes was left stranded for five hours when the car he has only had a few days would not start.

Debbie Stone told the Spalding Guardian she popped into the Co-op cafe in Long Sutton yesterday and started chatting to the man, who told he had “a very interesting time the day before”.

She said: “He told me he had parked in one of the numbered bays and hadn’t been very long. But when he returned his car wouldn’t start.

“He had only had it a few days, but called out the RAC, who couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

“Apparently, customer services in Sainsbury’s were unable to explain it and in the end the man from the RAC had the idea of pushing the car out of the bay.

“At that point it started immediately. My daughter had noticed the ‘sensors’ in the bays and all we can think of is one disabled the car.”

The Spalding Guardian informed Sainsbury’s press office of the incident and asked if the “sensors” in the bays could disable a car.

A reply was short and to the point: “Thanks for getting in touch. Re: your question, the answer is no.”

Debbie commented: “I find it quite rude of them. He’s disabled and he was there for five hours.

“We are still shocked how that could happen.”