Dirty dog owner spoiling cemetery

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VISITORS to Gosberton cemetery are having to tread carefully until the culprit allowing a dog to defecate there is caught.

More than 13 white markers have been placed next to the mess to try to shame whoever is responsible for ignoring the “no dogs allowed” signs.

One pensioner who visits the cemetery every day says it’s time the owner was “named and shamed”.

Barbara Locke (69) said: “It’s time something was done. Can anyone name and shame who is responsible?

“The man who looks after the cemetery cuts the grass and keeps it lovely. But every day there’s more dog dirt.

“We don’t see who is responsible because they do it at night – all we know is it is a big dog.”

Barbara, of Quadring, has visited the cemetery every day since her partner, Thomas Pell, was buried there last July.

She said: “I go to the cemetery every day to put flowers on the grave and keep it nice – it’s what you do when you are grieving. But you don’t want to go there and see piles of dog dirt. There’s no need for it – the cemetery is surrounded with fields.

“I’ve nothing against dogs – I have one of my own – but I always have a doggy bag in my pocket. I just don’t want to clean up other people’s mess.”

Cemetery keeper Robert Pridmore has looked after the grounds for 13 years, but said the problem with dog dirt has never been so bad.

He said: “At first I buried it, but now I’m putting white markers down hoping to shame the culprit into not doing it. Other councils have done this to deter people, but so far it doesn’t seem to be working. There’s more than 13 markers in the cemetery now.”

Sue Roe, clerk to Gosberton Parish Council, said there were two signs at the cemetery stating dogs were not allowed.

She said: “It’s such a shame this is happening because we get comments from people saying how nice the cemetery is kept.

“We are in talks with the police about what can be done and the next stage will be to contact the dog warden.”