Dining out Taiwanese style in Weston Hills

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Joanne Tyson cooked up some traditional Taiwanese dishes for our visit.

These included a hot and sour soup containing mushrooms, carrot, spring onion and hot pepper. These were served with fried dumplings, or Jen-jeow, which is typical street food in Taiwan. The dumplings were filled with chicken, king prawn and spring onions and were what Joanne called “half steamed and half fried”.

We moved on to Three Cup Chicken – chicken cooked with a cup each of soya sauce, rice wine and sesame oil – served with greens cooked in a small amount of water and garlic.

To finish we had pieces of banana cooked quickly in a small amount of vegetable oil over a high flame. Joanne used chopsticks to keep turning the pieces until they were gently golden and then served them with ice-cream.

For recipes for these and more delicious dishes visit www.taiwanduck.com.

The website has gained so much attention that Joanne was due to be visited by someone from a Taiwanese magazine this week who was proposing to cook something using Joanne’s home-grown vegetables.