Devoted mum won’t stop in diabetes fight

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By the time five-year-old Faith Robinson turns 18 she will have received over 20,000 insulin injections just to stay alive.

But unlike other Type 1 Diabetes sufferers she will not miss hundreds of days of school, thanks to one-to-one support at her school.

Faith, of West Pinchbeck, was diagnosed with the chronic condition when she was two years old after a chest infection attacked her pancreas.

Her mum, Gemma Robinson, said: “No two days are the same and everything is a battle.”

Faith’s body does not use sugars properly leaving her relying on regular insulin injections.

It left Gemma nervous about the care her daughter would receive at school and she asked Lincolnshire Education Authority for one-to-one support for Faith.

Although her bid was successful this support is reviewed every term and Gemma said at first they wouldn’t fund this support because Diabetes is not considered an educational need.

An adult sufferer misses two days of work a month because their blood sugar levels drop. Imagine the consequences of missing those days in education.

She attends St Bartholomew’s School in West Pinchbeck, who Gemma said: “are great.”

Gemma said: “It means I can send her to school knowing someone is there to keep her sugar levels normal.

“I know parents who have to go into the school four or five times a day because how can a child look after a drug?”

Over the past two years Gemma has raised more than £25,000 holding ballroom functions for JDRF, the Type 1 Diabetes charity, and the local children’s diabetes team at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

Now she has been to Parliament with JDRF for the ‘Count Me In’ campaign, calling for funding to find a cure.

Researchers want to produce insulin that replaces lost cells, curing Diabetes and cutting the £1 billion yearly NHS bill to support sufferers.

Gemma said: “Because it’s a hidden disability help is not immediately there.”

She met Home Secretary Theresa May and South Holland and Deepings MP John Hayes, who she said has “backed Faith from day one”.