Destiny and Remo owe their lives to rescuers

Living miracles ... mum Destiny and pup Remo. ANL-160121-104448001
Living miracles ... mum Destiny and pup Remo. ANL-160121-104448001
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A young dog and her pup saved from death by a charity are enjoying life to the full in forever homes.

Nobody knew last May when German Shepherd Dog Destiny was critically injured in a road accident that she was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Destiny whose life was saved by German Shepherd Rescue. ANL-160121-104204001

Destiny whose life was saved by German Shepherd Rescue. ANL-160121-104204001

Destiny, then only about eight months old, was taken to a vet and left to be put to sleep.

She had a broken pelvis, dislocated hips and soft tissue injuries to her groin.

But the vet in North Hykeham called Quadring-based Central German Shepherd Rescue (CGSR), who picked up the bill for her medical care, and Destiny’s life was saved.

The young dog went to a foster home in Donington to be cared for by volunteer Anne Kozak, who fell in love with her young charge and is now Destiny’s full-time “mum”.

Playful pup Remo with a toy.

Playful pup Remo with a toy.

Anne patiently taught Destiny how to walk again, and says: “You can’t stop her now. She’s a bundle of energy.”

As Destiny recovered from the accident and the effects of extensive treatment, she went into labour and was rushed to Sutterton Veterinary Centre where she had a Caesearian section.

Three puppies were delivered on July 6 but only one, Remo, was alive.

He was hand reared by the charity’s volunteers and, true to a name that means The Strong One in Greek, pulled through.

Remo was adopted into his forever home by a Sheffield couple on December 30.

Volunteer Mark Aspden, whose wife Marlene is a CGSR trustee, said the couple spotted Remo on the charity’s website and underwent a thorough vetting process to check both they and their home were suitable for the young dog before they could meet him.

“He’s now helping them redecorate,” said Mark. “He’s chewing off their wallpaper. It’s the sort of thing you expect from a playful puppy.”

Marlene, who runs Highfield Kennels at Pinchbeck, said the charity’s rehoming work is non-stop.

“We look after some in kennels,” she said. “We also have dogs in foster homes that are waiting for new owners – and we have some that are waiting in their own homes to come to us because their owners can no longer look after them.”

In the last year, CGSR has rehomed around 50 dogs taken in from a big chunk of central England but it’s costly work with bills of around £1,500 a month, which surge much higher if a dog like Destiny needs extensive veterinary treatment.

The charity is holding a big fundraiser on Saturday, March 12 when The Rockits, resident 50s/60s band at Liverpool’s world famous Cavern Club, appear at The Castle Sports Complex, in Spalding. There will be a supporting disco on the night.

Tickets are £12.50 but our readers can win four tickets – worth a total of £50 – by answering this simple question.

How is Remo helping his new family to re-decorate?

Please write your answer on a postcard and send it to Lynne Harrison, Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian, Priory House, The Crescent, Spalding PE11 1AB. Entries must arrive by midday on Friday, February 5.

• You can also buy tickets on 01775 761313/762178, from the sports centre or online from

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