Delivery with a difference

Steve Spencer cuddles baby Syrus with proud parents Emma Amess and Dana Williams. Photo: SG081111-556NG
Steve Spencer cuddles baby Syrus with proud parents Emma Amess and Dana Williams. Photo: SG081111-556NG
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DAIRY manager Steve Spencer had a delivery with a difference – a baby boy born on the back seat of his car.

Good Samaritan Steve (64) came to the rescue when a pregnant mum in labour, Emma Amess (24), was stranded on the A16 in a car that ran out of petrol on the way to hospital.

Emma’s desperate partner Dana Williams and their pal, Ricky Newton, started to push the car shortly after 6am on Monday and then started flagging down passing motorists.

Luckily for them Steve stopped on his way to work and took them the rest of the way, but there was no time to get Emma into the maternity ward.

Midwives climbed into the car and delivered 8lb 12oz Syrus on the back seat at 6.30am.

Steve, from Aintree Drive, Spalding, said: “I drove hell for leather all the way to Pilgrim.”

As they passed through Boston, the baby’s head started to appear and Steve told Dana to support it.

Steve said: “I have done my First Aid and everything but fortunately I didn’t have to deliver the little one.

“We have just taken over Dairy Crest and taken down their sign that said ‘milk and more’. We might have to put it back up again.”

Dana and Emma love to give their children unusual names and cool-headed Steve had time for a joke as he steered his British racing green Rover 75 to the hospital.

He told them: “If he’s born in the car, for God’s sake don’t call him Rover.”

On Tuesday teatime Dana (34) and Emma welcomed Steve to their Delgate Avenue home at Weston so they could say ‘thank you’ properly.

Dana said: “Steve is a knight in shining armour as far as we are concerned. It’s just so nice in this day and age to find people who will stop and help.

“We are just so grateful. We want him to know we are over the moon.”

Emma woke in labour at about 5.30am. The couple don’t have their own car so they asked Ricky, who lives nearby, to take them to Pilgrim.

Ricky said he was low on petrol and wanted to fill up at Texaco near McDonalds roundabout but it was closed.

They decided to press on to the garage at Sutterton but the car conked out a mile away.

Ricky said: “Everything went wrong.”

But he was determined to get the couple a lift. “The first car I saw, I jumped right in front of it and it was Steve. I was very relieved.”

Emma and Syrus were allowed home at 2pm on Monday and Ricky drove them back.

Emma says she feels “embarrassed” about the birth but is grateful to Steve and delighted with her new baby boy.

The couple have children Mckenzie (7), Cornell (6) and Blossom (20 months).

They are adamant Syrus is their last so there will be no more special deliveries.