Deepings heart test screening weekend sees results

Tracey Jessop-Thompson, Jordan Graham, Sophie Stone and head teacher Richard Lord at The Deepings School for a CRY heart test screening weekend. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG160917-267TW.

A heart test screening weekend at The Deepings School in memory of a former student may have proved a lifesaver, based on the findings.

Five per cent of the 204 people aged between 14 and 35 who were tested have either been referred to their GP, a heart specialist or are to be retested in a year’s time.

We’ve seen quite a diverse group of people at the school and it’s nice to know they are coming to be checked and that Lucy hasn’t been forgotten

Tracey Jessop-Thompson, mother of Lucy Jessop

The two-day screenings at The Deepings School last month were funded through the Lucy Adena Jessop Memorial Fund, named after a student who died from a sudden heart attack in February 2015, aged just 18.

At the time of the screenings, Lucy’s mother Tracey Jessop-Thompson, said: “We’ve seen quite a diverse group of people at the school, including current students who knew Lucy through their older brothers and sisters.

“It’s nice to know they are coming to be checked and that Lucy hasn’t been forgotten.”

The screenings were done by the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), whose spokesman said: “Out of 204 people screened, there were nine referrals for further investigation which is about par and a reasonable amount.

“There are occasions when something can be so obvious that we call those tested immediately.

“But these cases are for very specific abnormalities which need to be seen by a registered cardiologist urgently.

“A letter will also be sent to the patient’s GP, recommending that further tests need to be done.

“The public are right behind our screenings and they like to see results, although no one wants to see someone diagnosed with a heart condition.

“But it does show that nothing has been missed and that CRY is saving lives by finding abnormalities which could otherwise go undetected.”

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