Deeping woman 87 dies after hospital fall

Tragedy of Deeping pensioner who died after a hospital fall.
Tragedy of Deeping pensioner who died after a hospital fall.
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An elderly woman died seven days after a fall on a hospital ward, an inquest heard on Wednesday.

Jean Foxon (87), of Eastgate Deeping St James, was ready for discharge from the John Van Geest ward at Stamford Hospital when she was escorted to the bathroom at her request by a staff nurse at 8.30am on September 24, 2015.

In a written statement, staff nurse Ionela Pacurariu said Mrs Foxon walked well with her walking frame to the bathroom but then slipped, falling on her right side and hitting her chin.

Ms Pacurariu said: “All I could do was to protect her head from another injury – I supported her to the floor.”

Dr Murray Spittal, a coroner for South Lincolnshire, explained to Mrs Foxon’s family: “She didn’t collapse in a heap. It sounds like the nurse helped her to the floor.”

The pensioner, who was transferred to Peterborough City Hospital, died on October 1.

X-rays showed Mrs Foxon sustained several broken ribs as well as a traumatic haemothorax – blood in the pleural space, which can inhibit normal breathing – but it was deemed too small for intervention.

A pathology report revealed Mrs Foxon died from bronchial pneumonia, secondary to her broken ribs.

Dr Spittal said: “My conclusion is that Mrs Foxon died as a result of an accident.”

The elderly patient was first admitted to the John Van Geest ward on August 17, 2015 when she was recovering from pancreatitis.

Dr Spittal said she first had a fall on September 1 and was admitted overnight to Peterborough City Hospital.

He said that fall was most likely due to her having a urinary tract infection.

On September 18, Mrs Foxon had been declared medically fit for discharge and was awaiting a care package.