Deeping man killed in 50-metre bus plunge

Malaysia bus tragedy - Harry Woolhouse.
Malaysia bus tragedy - Harry Woolhouse.
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The family of a Market Deeping man killed when a double-decker bus crashed down a ravine in Malaysia found out about the tragedy on Facebook.

Harry Woolhouse (32) was on a bus full of tourists returning to Singapore from a trip to Redang Island when it fell down a 50 metre slope at an oil palm plantation on Easter Sunday.

Malaysian press reported that the bus driver tested negative for drugs.

Harry’s father, Christopher Woolhouse (67), a retired diesel worker, said his son was due to fly home this weekend to see his family and girlfriend.

Mr Woolhouse, from Market Deeping, said: “We’ve heard it was a double decker bus. I understand that the bus left the road and fell into the ravine but we don’t know why. Apparently the driver just lost control.

“My son was with some friends returning to Singapore after a short holiday. So far he is the only one that has been killed.

“He was a technical manager for Atkins worldwide oil consultants. He went back out to Singapore six months ago, but he’d been out there for about 15 months before that. He was due to come back home this weekend. We just can’t take it in. We’re completely devastated.

“We spoke to him last weekend and he was looking forward to coming home. He was going to spend some time with his girlfriend in London.

“He was back for Christmas and he was so happy.

“We found out this afternoon as we were going for lunch. My daughter rang us saying she’s had a message on Facebook which said Harry had been killed. We’re in complete shock. It’s Easter Sunday so we can’t get hold of anyone to find out what’s happened. We’re in a mess really.

“He’s such an active guy – he loves windsurfing, snowboarding, rock climbing. He ran a triathlon in London last year.

“He was a warm guy, completely selfless. He was the sort of man who would arrive off the plane after a long flight and cook lunch for everyone.

“He was doing so well in his life and we can’t understand why this had to happen to him. He’s only 32 but he packed so many things into his time.

“He was 100m county champion at school and his nickname was ‘Whippet’. He loved rugby and his music – he played violin and organ. He had a huge circle of friends, he always kept in touch with everyone.

“He was brave too – earlier this year he was on a flight from Singapore that lost cabin pressure and fell thousands of feet in seconds. “He didn’t panic but took pictures as the plane went down. He was a very cool guy.”

Harry’s mum Sara Woolhouse (60), a pharmacist, said her son “lived life to the full”.

She said: “He was an incredibly adventurous person and he lived life at 100 miles an hour, always on the edge. He made the best of everything and we just can’t believe he’s gone.”

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are providing consular assistance to his family at this sad time.”