Decision due on migrant march

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PROTESTERS from Spalding are expected to join others in Boston if a march about immigration goes ahead.

The decision about the march will be made at a meeting in the Assembly Rooms on Monday, July 2.

One was planned in Boston last year, but it was cancelled when the borough council agreed to set up a task force to address concerns.

However, campaigner Dean Everitt believes not enough is being done. He said: “I think there’s been a lot of waffle going on and not a lot of straight answers. We are seriously reconsidering putting the march back on.

”We are inviting the police and the council to attend the meeting and then we will let the public decide.”

Mr Everitt is not happy with the findings of the task force so far. He said: “We have schools saying they can cope and then see them applying for £5million to expand. The true picture is not being shown.”

A worker on the Spalding Immigration Issues Facebook page, who was reluctant to give his name for fear of losing his job, said he and other British employees at Staples Vegetables Ltd in Boston had been laid off for two weeks while “foreigners worked every day”.

One of the major concerns is that money from the area is being ploughed into the Polish economy at the expense of British businesses, including those in Spalding. Poland’s economy grew 3.5 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter, according to Government data. The figures underline how Poland, the only EU country to avoid recession, continues to show resilience.

Mr Everitt said: “While our economy is struggling money is being taken from Lincolnshire and is going abroad.

“The foreign food shops are buying from their own country, not ours, and so it is boosting their economy.

“Money earned in the UK is also being sent to families in Poland and the Ukraine and not being spent here.

“However, until we get hard facts it is difficult to do anything about it. We need people to come forward and help.”