Deaths in Lincolnshire house fires continue to rise

Spalding fire tragedy: firefighters on the scene where three men died.
Spalding fire tragedy: firefighters on the scene where three men died.
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Deaths in home fires continue to rise after Lincolnshire was named in the top ten areas for the worst level of fatalities in “the most serious dwelling fires”.

That grim rating was given for the 2015/16 year when four people died in house fires, but this year so far has already seen four fire deaths in homes – including three men who perished in an inferno in Spalding’s Tower Lane overnight on April 30/May 1.

An inquest is due to be held to establish what caused the fire that led to the deaths of Marian Mariusz Laczynski, Pawel Lazarewicz and Sywester Grabczewski in the HMO (house in multiple occupation).

In 2014/15, Lincolnshire witnessed two deaths in house fires.

John Cook, assistant fire chief officer with Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue (LFR), said: “Over the past five years, dwelling fires and fire fatalities have been decreasing.

“Yet despite this downward trend, we saw an increase in fire deaths last year and an increase in dwelling fires. Four of the six fire fatalities

last year were in dwellings and attributable to a range of causes with no common theme.”

He said any fire fatality is devastating to our communities and LFR thoroughly investigates each incident “to see if there is any way at all it could be prevented from happening again” and continues to invest in fire prevention, including work with the most vulnerable, offering home fire safety checks and work with partners to reduce the risk of fire.

• In August this year, Lincolnshire’s fire service was named the ninth worst in the country for home fire death rates per 1,000 of the most serious dwelling fires. Cambridgeshire topped the chart with the worst record while Norfolk was eighth.

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