Dealing with Spalding’s litter problem

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The charity has carried out two litter picks during August, the second one supported by volunteers Jodie North, Stephen Page, Craig Reid, Glen Chuter, Laura Grimer – all from Moore Thompson – and Coun Jack McLean who set up Spotless Spalding.

The team covered Double Street, Albion Street all the way to the ‘twin bridges’ then back along Commercial Road and High Street to High Bridge, cleaning up Holland Road and Church Street too.

Moore Thompson volunteer Emma Wilson said: “This route saw us collect 17 black bin bags of rubbish in total. Over the two Saturday mornings we collected a total of 36 black bin bags! We knew litter was a big issue in the town but never imagined how severe the problem was. It’s a massive amount of rubbish collected. I can’t believe those who throw it on the floor are happy to see our town like this. It takes seconds to put something in a bin. Yes, I think we could do with more bins, but why is it so difficult to hold on to it until you find one?”

At the earlier litter pick the Moore Thompson team was again joined by a volunteer from Spotless Spalding, a group set up to clear litter from the town’s streets.

Coun McLean, elected to represent South Holland District Council earlier in the summer, was inspired by the council’s successful Pride in South Holland campaign to clean up derelict sites across the district.

An early litter pick at flower beds near High Bridge resulted in 15 bags of litter.

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