Deal struck on buses for Moulton

Striking a deal: MP John Hayes with Norfolk Green boss Ben Colson. Photo: S010811-121TW
Striking a deal: MP John Hayes with Norfolk Green boss Ben Colson. Photo: S010811-121TW
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MP JOHN Hayes is pleading with Moulton residents to use the buses now Norfolk Green has agreed to route more services into the village centre.

Following April’s cut in Lincolnshire County Council subsidy, the King’s Lynn company axed all but three of its daily “dog leg” detours into the village.

But villagers fought to have them reinstated and Mr Hayes, MP for South Holland and the Deepings and bus company boss Ben Colson hammered out a deal that will see extra services from Monday, September 5.

Moulton resident Mr Hayes described the deal as a victory for common sense – but warned: “We now need to make sure we use the service. As with all public services it’s a question of use it or lose it.”

Buses have continued to serve Moulton’s A151 bus stops but the previous half-hourly village centre services reduced to an 8am pick-up for Holbeach George Farmer students, the 9.58am to Spalding and the 12.40pm from Spalding.

Mr Hayes said the cuts meant Moulton people weren’t able to ride from the village centre to and from Holbeach, Long Sutton and King’s Lynn in a day but they can with the additional services.

He said: “These buses are going to go to a wider range of places so it is a significant victory for those of us who campaigned on that basis.

“People can travel for the day in either direction and get back at a proper time.

“I think Mr Colson has moved a considerable way in our direction. This represents a victory for local people and for common sense.”

Car driver Mr Hayes has pledged to use the service and is planning a day out in King’s Lynn with his wife, Susan, and their two boys.

Mr Colson said his company listened to residents’ views and had been able to offer more flexibility in scheduling extra vehicles after buying another bus company.

l The new Moulton village Monday-Saturday timetable will be – Moulton to Spalding: 9.34am, 12.18pm & 4.18pm; Spalding to Moulton: 9.15am, 12.20pm, 2.40pm & 5.15pm; Moulton to Holbeach and King’s Lynn: 8.08am (schooldays), 9.34am, 12.39pm & 2.59pm; King’s Lynn to Moulton: 11.10am & 3.10pm; Holbeach to Moulton: 9.22am, 12.05pm & 4.05pm.