Darren’s victory in parking ticket battle

Darren Robinson fought to overturn a Market Place parking ticket
Darren Robinson fought to overturn a Market Place parking ticket
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A motorist fined for parking illegally has had the conviction quashed, as a judge said it was “not obvious” where he should park.

Donington man Darren Robinson faced a £60 fine when he was accused of parking outside marked bays on a visit to Boston’s Market Place on May 29 last year – despite the fact an attendant had spoken to his wife and mentioned nothing about the car being in the wrong place.

But when the 47-year-old appealed the matter at Lincoln Crown Court, Judge Michael Heath said the mistake was “perfectly understandable”, and overturned the conviciton entirely.

At the hearing, on January 23, he said: “The appellant accepts that he was technically wrong in parking where he did.

“The fact is that this particular area had recently been refurbished.

“I’ve been shown some photos, which show there aren’t any marked bays.

“It’s not obvious where one should park at all.”

On May 29, last year, Mr Robinson pulled into a space between two other cars on the Market Place. He and his wife returned later to find a fixed penalty notice on the car stating he was parked in a restricted zone.

When he queried it with police, he was told he had parked outside the marked bays, but he says they were not visible at the time.

Mr Robinson, of Northorpe Road, said: “I was not very happy. We had done the right thing, as we believed. They said there was a sign saying park in marked bays, but if anyone can find me one of those signs, I’d be pleased to see it.

“If I’d wanted to park illegally, I wouldn’t have bothered to buy a ticket.

“I feel satisfied I’ve done the right thing.”

He initially appealed the convicition at Boston Magistrates’ Court, but was unable to attend. He was proven guilty in his absence and fined £200, along with costs, which was overturned.