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Moulton man Alan Gilbert (94) takes on Velocity 2 - the world's longest zip wire - in latest daredevil challenge

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Age is no barrier for a daredevil pensioner who has taken on the world’s fastest zip wire at the tender age of 94.

Moulton man Alan Gilbert is no stranger to dangerous challenges after a wing walk when he was 91 and driving around America in a Winnebago in his 80s.

But he ticked another daring challenge off his ‘bucket list’ on Monday when he enjoyed a ride on Velocity 2 - which can reach up to speeds of 100mph.

Alan Gilberton (94) takes on the world's longest zip wire (57192338)
Alan Gilberton (94) takes on the world's longest zip wire (57192338)

Velocity 2, which is based in the Penrhyn Slate Quarry, Wales, is the world’s fastest zip line and at 1.5km is the longest in Europe.

Alan, who was strapped into a cradle before heading out to enjoy views of Snowdonia, relished this latest challenge and dragged along step-daughter Vanessa Heron-Griffiths along.

The retired lorry driver said: “I did 100mph hanging in a bag and I did enjoy it.

Alan Gilberton (94) takes on the world's longest zip wire (57192344)
Alan Gilberton (94) takes on the world's longest zip wire (57192344)

“Everything is exciting. Some people worry but I don’t bother. I just relax and did what they told me to do.”

Vanessa said Alan learned about Veolocity 2 after completing another zip wire at the Eden Project but their plans were put on hold due to Covid.

They were finally able to complete the challenge on Monday.

Vanessa said that Alan had the choice of taking a small or large line but opted for the larger one.

She joked: “I said to him to make sure he took his teeth out before the ride as I wasn’t going to look over a quarry for them.

“He absolutely loved it and wanted to go again. People were cheering and having their photograph taken with him.

“He just wants to push himself all the time. He drags me into these things as well.”

Alan is looking forward to sharing his adventures with friends at a lunch club but he and Vanessa are enjoying a few days in Wales.

She said: “What I want to do is to go and watch Top Gun 2!”

But Alan is not finished with his challenges yet as he has a parachute jump booked.

Vanessa said: “He has a bucket list that he ticks everything off.

“He pushes himself all the time and has a huge garden in which he plants his potatoes and grows fruit.”

Alan is living independently and still drives but has decided not to do motorway driving.

Vanessa said: “He likes a fry-up and keeps himself active.”

Alan’s life-long thirst for adventure first showed when he was a boy of 12 and living in Gedney.

He had previously told us: “I climbed Gedney church and scratched my name on the cockerel - as far as I know it’s still up there.”

In 2019 he was strapped to the upper wing of the WWI aircraft and was airborne for around 15 minutes.

He was so at ease with the altitude that he could admire the countryside from around 300ft up in the air.

Alan admitted to being a bit scared of spiders but it seems nothing else fazes him.

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