Dad delivers premature baby in front seat of car

Baby Phoebe with mum Kerry and dad Adam. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG030617-102TW
Baby Phoebe with mum Kerry and dad Adam. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG030617-102TW
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Pemature baby Phoebe Lilliman was born in the front seat of her family’s new car with her dad, Adam, acting as midwife.

The tiny tot was a girl in a hurry because she was five weeks early and made her grand entrance into the world moments after her parents arrived at Peterborough City Hospital.

It’s the most amazing experience of my life.

Proud dad Adam Lilliman

Adam (27) said he and Kerry pulled up outside the hospital’s mother and child entrance and a woman standing there went inside to get help.

But Phoebe wasn’t waiting.

Adam said: “I held Phoebe’s head and delivered my own child. I am still in shock now. I just can’t believe it.

“It’s the most amazing experience of my life.”

Phoebe weighed in at 4lbs 14oz and went into transitional care at the hospital, until she was allowed home on Friday.

She is Adam’s first child but the fifth for Kerry (39), who experienced her fastest ever delivery.

Kerry said: “It didn’t take long, it was seconds.”

The proud mum is full of praise for Adam because he kept so cool.

“I was very surprised,” said Kerry. “I was expecting him to pass out but he stayed so calm and relaxed.”

Adam took a break from work to care for Kerry during a tough pregnancy, looking after her as well as Kieron (9), Charlene (11), Abigail (13) and Chloe (18).

He said: “I have had to do everything for Kerry.

“I’ve also had to wash, clean, cook, take the kids to school ... she had a rough pregnancy, to be honest.”

Phoebe was born at 8.25pm on Sunday, May 28.

Earlier in the day, Kerry had a few tummy pains at the family’s home in Bourne but says “they didn’t feel like contractions”.

Kerry rang the hospital and was advised to put her feet up and take paracetamol.

During the evening, when the pains became stronger, she told Adam: “I think it’s time I went back to hospital because I think I am in labour.”

Now Pheobe’s home, Adam says she and her mum are “doing great”.