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Spalding dad: 'Respect the people who keep our kids safe'

A dad is calling on road users to put a stop to the abuse hurled at school crossing patrols who keep our kids safe.

Mark Le Sage (52) says he's witnessed several acts of aggressive behaviour towards the lollipop lady at Spalding Parish Day School.

The last straw came when Mark and the school crossing patrol were the joint focus of a driver's aggression.

Mark Le Sage and daughter Ella outside Spalding Parish Day School where road users are being abusive to the lollipop lady
Mark Le Sage and daughter Ella outside Spalding Parish Day School where road users are being abusive to the lollipop lady

Mark said the crossing patrol had walked into the middle of the road and he waited with daughter Ella (6) on the pavement to be called forward but a driver lost their rag.

"I saw them mouth their displeasure and shake their fists from behind the wheel as I held my daughter back from the road," said Mark. "You have to wait for the school crossing patrol to give you permission to cross."

The driver came towards the crossing at speed and braked suddenly.

Mark said: "You could see the car nose dive."

The dad is now seeking backing from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to end the aggression towards school crossing patrols across the district.

He said: "I have witnessed pedestrians, cyclists and other road users be abusive towards our school crossing patrol and I think it's absolutely despicable and entirely unacceptable - especially when it's directed towards someone who is conscientious and comes out in all weathers to keep children safe.

"Why on earth are people being aggressive and abusive to people who are there doing their job, keeping our children safe, for God's sake?"

Mark says there is no excuse for the abuse and if people become aggressive simply because they're running late they should sort out their own time management issues - and not take it out on the school crossing patrols.

Illegal parking on zigzags is another "time management" issue for school-run parents in a hurry.

John Siddle, from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, says school crossing patrols, zigzags and 20mph zones are outside school gates for one simple reason.

He said: "It's about keeping children safe and it's never been about anything else."

He says any incident where anyone is abusive to a school crossing patrol is one too many, and urged also urged drivers to respect the zigzags because parking or "hovering" on them puts children and other road users at risk.

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