CYCLISTS: Tougher action is needed

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I have not brought this subject up for a while now but feel it is necessary. It is quite noticeable that the police have been very tolerant to tolerant to cyclists as more and more are now cycling on the paths.

As I have said before this causes more problems than it solves as cyclists then were taking advantage of the situation by using paths to skip traffic lights and take short cuts down one-way streets the wrong way and still do.

The other problem is they can ride any way on the path. Going against the flow of traffic on the path is even worse, as they have to leave the path and re join the road to cross a give way. This forces them to ride head on into traffic and I see this on a daily basis, surely stupidity like this must be addressed.

I don’t use the car that often but when I do go out there is always one idiot on a bike that you have a close encounter with.

As an example I had a close shave with a moron who decided to cross over the road from the correct side of the road a few yards in front of me and continue cycling towards me on my side of the road with no attempt to get on the path out of the way. What are we, mind readers on what these idiots are going to do next?

The law needs to be enforced very strongly on cyclists and soon to bring order back to our streets as they are still a law unto themselves.

I am not against cyclists and do cycle every now and again on the road may I add with no problems. I still strongly think cyclists should be hit with much bigger fines and the law enforced more frequently on cyclists for riding on the path, this would cut out a lot of the related problems we are getting with them at the moment which will in no doubt lead to a fatality. But that won’t be the fault of the cyclist will it, but the driver who could not second guess his/her next move.

N Bingham