Crusader takes on britain

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Drug users and drinkers have driven a clean-up crusader off the streets of Spalding town centre – but she is far from giving up on her campaign.

Sandra White says she’s ready to take Britain to the cleaners – and she wants 100,000 people across the country to support her.

The 70-year-old is currently spending three mornings a week in the cold standing on a street corner in Holland Market gathering support for her Stop Litter, Drink and Other Substances on Our Streets petition.

So far she has collected 6,000 signatures, but once she achieves her goal she intends to take her campaign to Prime Minister David Cameron.

The rest of the week early risers will spot her continuing her war on litter along the river bank close to Spalding town centre.

Sandra – who began a seven-days-a-week crusade to keep Pinchbeck Road, Kings Road, Winfrey Avenue and Stepping Stones Lane clean four years ago – said some of the items she found had made her think her efforts there were a lost cause.

She said: “I was finding empty drugs packets all over as well as beer cans and although I reported it to the police that wasn’t why I was there.

“We are living in a cesspit and I just wanted to clean it up. I don’t understand why it’s all gone wrong – people just don’t think.”

The petition has been going a year now and Sandra hopes it will make people think about keeping their environment tidy. She said: “I’m never going to win in Spalding town centre, but I’m not giving up.

“I’m going to take Britain to the cleaners - I’m going to government - and I want 100,000 people to sign the petition.

“So I’m hoping when everyone in Britain gets to know who I am they will back me.”

Last year, Sandra was shortlisted to the final four of the Pride of Britain Award, but she said she is not disappointed she didn’t win.

She said: “It was at the time I decided I wasn’t going to clear up around the town centre, so I hadn’t achieved what I had set out to do.

“Receiving an award isn’t why I do it. I’m just one woman, but sometimes I think I must be made up of three because I can’t just sit about and watch people drop litter.

“I’ve proved people can be taught to take a pride in an area. Where I live in Sandtone Gardens there are many nationalities, but it is all clean and people understand we are all responsible for how a place looks.”

Coun Alan Jessop is one of Sandra’s biggest supporters and is delighted her work is being acknowledged. He said: “I have a meeting with South Holland District Council to see if and how we can support Sandra in her endeavours.

“I hope to be able to present her petition to full council early next year, which will trigger a debate on the subject.”