CROWLAND PARISH COUNCIL: Call for action on Japanese knotweed near nature area

Crowland Parish Council news.
Crowland Parish Council news.
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Welland and Deepings Internal Board (IDB) is to be pressed on its plans to tackle Japanese knotweed near Crowland Wildlife Pond.

The plant, capable of growing up to 8 inches per day, has been sprayed this week, according to IDB chief executive Karen Daft.

She said: “The Board is aware of the presence of Japanese knotweed near Crowland (Wildlife) Pond and regular spraying does take place.

“Indeed, spraying by one of our trained operatives took place earlier this week”.

But Coun David Kempton said: “We should keep the pressure on the IDB to get rid of it, rather than just saying ‘we’re aware of it.”