Crossroads campaign before someone dies

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A ROAD safety campaigner fears it is only a matter of time before someone is killed at a village crossroads.

A driver had to be cut free from their car by the fire service after the latest accident at the junction of Austendyke Road and Broadgate in Weston Hills on Monday, prompting villager Michael Saggs to renew a campaign for improved safety.

Mr Saggs was instrumental in securing some safety measures, such as speed markers, at the junction eight or nine years ago, after getting 100 per cent support from nearby residents for a petition.

The petition led to a site visit by South Holland and the Deepings MP John Hayes and representatives from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.

Mr Saggs said: “We got some new safety measures then but they really don’t seem to have made that much difference and there are still numerous accidents at the crossroads.

“It’s a 40mph speed limit and we wanted to get it reduced to 30mph. That didn’t happen and drivers still drive too fast along there, sometimes at up to 60mph.

“It really is only a matter of time before someone dies.

“The accident on Monday morning looked quite nasty as someone had to be cut from the car.

“It’s a blind junction so the only real answer is to put traffic lights in there.

“I don’t hold out much hope but we have got to try because someone is going to get seriously hurt.

Mr Saggs has now written to Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, the highways department and Mr Hayes to highlight the problem and he, his wife and neighbours will probably be back out door knocking residents to garner their support.

But Lincolnshire County Council senior highways officer Maxine Stukins said: “There isn’t a high volume of traffic using this junction, which is in quite a rural location, so traffic signals wouldn’t work effectively.

“Also, there’s only been one other collision here over the past five years, recorded as a slight injury.

“For these reasons, traffic signals would not be suitable.

“Nonetheless, we would always urge people to drive with great care, wherever they are in the county.”