Youths who egged classroom made to show their remorse

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TWO teenagers have come face-to-face with a class of four-year-old school pupils after throwing eggs all over their outdoor classroom.

The 14-year-old boys have learned a lesson in manners and said sorry to the reception class at Pinchbeck East Primary School after splattering the windows, doors and floor during a prank.

“It was very disappointing and upsetting,” said Pinchbeck East Primary School headteacher Tom Verity.

“It affected the youngest children at our school. They could not use their outside classroom because there were eggs all over the floor.

“Hopefully these boys will learn from their mistake. They were very apologetic and as far as I am concerned, that is the end of it.”

Police Community Support Officer Sally Pusey, who is part of the Spalding North Rural neighbourhood policing team, took the boys to meet pupils on Thursday.

She said: “We have spoken to two youths who admitted throwing eggs at the school. We have taken them down to the school and spoken to the headteacher and the children so they can apologise for their behaviour and offer to clean up the mess.

“We are still looking into other incidents in Pinchbeck and they will be followed up.”

PSCO Pusey says officers have been calling into local schools to talk about incidents of anti-social behaviour which have been happening in the village.

“It’s much better now,” she said. “We have had a few snowballs but nothing major. This was isolated with a couple of boys going too far. They have been very apologetic.

“Their parents have been very on-board with what we are doing and the boys won’t be doing it again.”

Shops in Pinchbeck have been asked not to sell eggs to youths unless they have a good reason to do so.

PCSO Pusey added: “The message is to anyone caught doing anything relating to criminal damage, we will go down and we will make arrests. We won’t be messing around.

“We want it to stop. Anyone caught will be taken to the police station and dealt with.”