Woman stole chicken from store

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A SHOPLIFTER who stole groceries from Sainsbury’s in Spalding had drunk a litre of Lambrini and a can of beer that morning, magistrates heard.

Klaudia Papaioannou (45), of Landsdowne Court, Spalding, was stopped by store security who saw Sainsbury’s branded chicken sticking out of a carrier bag.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said Papaioannou told police she didn’t normally behave like that apart from when she was in drink.

Papaioannou pleaded guilty to stealing groceries worth £34.56 on May 7 when she appeared in court on Thursday.

She also admitted being in breach of a conditional discharge imposed for a previous shop theft.

Magistrates adjourned sentence to Thursday, May 31 for a probation report.

Solicitor David Lee, mitigating, said Papaioannou could “remember only bits of the incident” and would see her doctor to get help for her drink problem.